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Disney wants to inspire you to volunteer and they’re putting their money where their mouth is.  Celebrate one day of work with one day of play with Mickey.

Check out the rules and get to work!

Money Saver – Free Movies

super size me

Another way to save money – especially on these cold, rainy days – is free documentaries at Free

The Real Deal

The Real Deal Show is not only on TV but on the web.  The program is okay but I found myself shouting:  Get to the point!  You can do that on their website. There are free coupons, promotions and resources.  So be sure to check it out. Thanks for reading the San Mateo Real Estate [...]

The Simple Dollar Does It Again

the simple dollar

I wanted to write/find some info on saving money that related to home ownership to share with you.  I just started reading The Simple Dollar – their Time Machine for November 7th has a whole post on Winterizing your home.

Money Saver – The Simple Dollar

the simple dollar

I found The Simple looking at a recommended list of blogs.   The first post was about the Dow and what it means when they shout the “Dow is up!” “The Dow is down!”

Money Saving Books

I’m a big reader.  Right now I’m reading historical novels – a little history, a little hyperbole.  But as we come out of this recession, we’re going to have to remember one of our biggest lessons:  save money!

Money Saver * Open Table: Dining Rewards

Open Table: Dining Rewards

By making reservations through Open Table to any of the 125 restaurants on the Peninsula, you gain points.  Those points translate into dollars.  Joining is free so check it out and let me know how it works for you.

Money Saver * Sage Wellness Center

Acupuncturist Mia Blomquist  of Sage Wellness Center, San Mateo has been kind enough to offer you a September special value.

Mia is not only an acupuncturist but an herbal medicine specialist. Her focus is women’s health and pregnancy-related issues.

However, if you have migraines, backaches or headaches or would simply like to relax, Mia’s gentle touch is just for you.

Money Saver for Tweets


Follow @rewardtweet for free food, cheap motel rooms, spa discounts, free smoothies…

Don’t want to follow the tweets, get tweetbeep – set up an alert and get the notices by email.

Money Saver:


Ever wonder where all that stuff that the police confiscate goes? Some of it ends up at Property Room.  You’ll find jewelry, computer equipment, tools, even cars.