Camp Sawyer Trail, San Mateo

Camp Sawyer Trail in San Mateo is one of my favorite places to stop the craziness and just breathe.  It runs along the Crystal Springs Reservoir adjacent to the 280 freeway.  Its beauty is worth the sometimes difficult parking.  

It’s only been about five years that the reservoir area has been accessible to the public.  The San Francisco Water Department kept it completely locked up due to the immense fear of a disaster to the liquid gold.  You can even make a reservation for a guided trek through this mountain wilderness.

The history of the area is long and interesting.  William Bowers Bourn, president of Spring Valley Water Company and operator of the Empire Gold Mine, began purchasing farms to aquire the watershed and fill the insatiable need for water during the Gold Rush. 

Bourn is also well known for his magnificent home Filoli - Fight, Love, Live.  If you’re not familiar with the property, think back to the Dynasty days.  The mansion is the one shown in the opening of the show during the fly-over.  It’s an incredible site and is open for tours – the gardens are a must-see.

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