A Realtor’s Life

I went to dinner with Donna, a really good friend and agent – okay, so I go out to dinner a lot. I do cook – sort of.  She tells me this ridiculous story: 

She lists a vacant home, puts a lock box on. 

An agent showing the home calls and says, “I think someone’s living in that house.”

Donna, “Why?”

Agent, “Because there’s blankets and clothes in there.”

Donna takes a male friend and goes to check it out.  Not only are there blankets, clothes and toys, there’s several six-packs of flowers in the backyard, pictures and posters hanging on the walls, toys in the living room, and the storage shed in the backyard has been filled up.  They find personal documents as well.

The police are called, they, along with Donna, visit the property multiple times to remove the squatters. They’re never there.

She calls the utility companies to shut them off; maybe that will discourage the temporary tenants.  Unbelievably they’ve put the water and electric service in their name; the service companies will not allow Donna to shut them off!

Donna and a friend board the windows.  Remove the belongings and place them in the front yard in the hopes that they will retrieve the items.  Nope. Doesn’t happen.

On the documents left behind is a phone number.  She calls the number: Come pick up your belongings.  No return call.  By law she’s required to store the stuff for 30 days.  Can you believe this?  So Donna, still on the job, has it taken to a storage facility for 30 days.  Still no phone call.

30 days later, Donna hires a hauler to take the junk to the dumps.

The job of a realtor?  Not really.  Just good customer service.



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