But I Love Those Curtains


So you’ve decided to sell your house.  You’ve hired a Realtor.  Done the cleaning and de-cluttering.  Filled out mountains of paperwork.  Survived the showings and open houses, the inconvenient phone calls.   The compliments and criticisms.  The ridiculous offers and the accepted one. 

It’s almost over.  You’re down to the last boxes.  The buyer’s loan documents will be arriving at the escrow company any day.  You’ve signed your closing documents.  And very soon you’ll be on your way to your new home. 

The buyers come by to do their last walk-through.  Later you get a phone call from your Realtor.  “Um, you have to put the curtains back.”  Huh?  But we like the curtains.  Or “You have to put that light fixture in the dining room back.”  But that was my grandma’s. 

Sometimes conversations that should have occurred at the beginning of the process become a problem at the end.  It’s not just the washer and dryer that are written into the sale; there’s the window coverings, light fixtures, ceiling fans, satellite dishes, pool and spa equipment, and, oh, yes, don’t forget the in-ground landscaping that are a part of the purchase agreement.  Yes, the seller has, on occasion, taken the in-ground landscaping. 

The process of selling your home is, at the least, stressful.  It’s often exhausting, frustrating, frightening, among a variety of other emotions.  After all of the negotiating, the buyers taking you for every last dime, the phone calls, the paperwork going back and forth, back and forth, the last thing you want to do is a favor for the buyers.  That ugly light fixture that you’ve always despised, but kept in the dining room just in case the family came by, has become the source of a tug-of-war between you and the buyer.   You don’t really want it, but you don’t want them to have it either. 

Okay, a bit of reality.  Unless it was excluded, it’s included.  It goes with the house.  If you wanted to take it, you should have removed it before the buyers created an emotional attachment.  Now they want it and they’re going to fight you for it.  Is it worth it?  I don’t know – don’t find out.  If there’s something that you have to have, replace it before anyone sees it and falls in love.  Don’t put one of those stupid signs on it that says “not included.”  I guarantee someone will want it and claim that they bought the house because of it or won’t buy it because you’re taking it.  Make it a little easier on yourself and your Realtor.  Take it down before the sign goes up.

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