Connemara, Pacifica

O’Brien Homes will be opening Connemara, Pacifica this weekend on what is expected to be the warmest several days of the year so far.  Although the market may not be cooperating with them, the sunshine will.   

It’s been a long process – 5 or 6 years – to get the final construction approval, but they’ve broken ground and begun laying foundations.  That old quarry is now 23 home sites getting ready for their new owners.  

There’s a total of 47 acres but just 23 of them will actually be built on.  The balance of the land will remain open space to be maintained by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.   

Ten of the 23 homes will have incredible ocean views overlooking the pier.  The homes range in size from approximately 2,055 square feet to just over 3,300; with lot sizes from 5,300 to 9,100 square feet.  There are four basic floor plans with a variety of finish options as well as the possibility for carriage houses above the garage for some, three car garages, and downstairs bedrooms with full baths. 

About ten of us local Pacifica Realtors were invited yesterday to take a walk of the site, have a quick lunch and give our opinions regarding pricing.  Just a little inside information:  Realtors rarely agree – especially on price.  As I expected, it turned into a little bit of a friendly argument.  Since they’ll be open and hope to be selling their first homes this weekend, they’ll have to digest and determine their final pricing plan by the end of the week.  I’m really interested to see how much consideration they give to our suggestions.


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  1. Looks like a great site! I’d love to hear the price they decide on!

  2. Vicki Moore Vicki Moore says:

    Bob – Me too. I’ll have to post when I find out. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Benson Choy says:

    I’ve been waiting to see what kind of pricing they come up with also. Initially I was estimating a max $1.35 mil price on the largest plan. However, I think there will be those willing to pay a premium for not only the view but the fact that the location is high above and surrounded by open space. You could probably walk out the front door and not feel like you are really in Pacifica. There are only 23 homes and I feel the plans are functional and ample in size. I predict the carriage house plans as the favorite seller. There haven’t been too many brand new homes being built nearby that are over 3000 s.f. so the size of these homes will also attract a certain group of buyers. Probably not too many 1st time homebuyers but perhaps those moving out of smaller homes in nearby affluent neighborhoods.

  4. Benson Choy says:

    After viewing the site today, pricing in the $1.4-1.5 mil range will not be unreasonable (at least for the view lots). Sizeable plans, large level lots, views, park areas, open space trails are not always available. Would have liked to see a 5 BR, 3 car garage option (i.e. currently need to sacrifice a 3rd garage space to get a 5th bedroom)

  5. Vicki Moore Vicki Moore says:

    Benson – That view is incredible. One of my biggest concerns regarding the location is that the shopping that is closest to the site isn’t the best. Safeway needs a major remodel.

    I agree with your comment about the carriage house, especially since those will be legal rental units.

    It’s really unfortunate that the weather didn’t cooperate for them this weekend.

  6. Benson Choy says:

    Yes I agree and would like to see the Safeway get a remodel also. The only 3 places I visit in that area are the Post Office, Mazetti’s Bakery on the other side of the freeway and McDonald’s which I am happy to see has been completely reconstructed with a Play Place for kids and which I was told is suppose to open tomorrow. Now with the upcoming Walgreens coming into the area also, hopefully we can start to see some additional improvements with the existing or potential new businesses.

    There’s not much draw to this part of Pacifica and mainly because you only see a glimpse of it while driving down Highway 1. Even with a Safeway remodel, you’d probably only catch it AFTER passing the exit. Unlike the Linda Mar Area where you actually can drive through the shopping areas most people end up driving pass this part of Pacifica.

    Looking forward to the construction of Connemara. Although drivers will continue to pass by at least some will slow down and take notice of the homes on the hill.

  7. Alek says:

    Why would an affluent couple with kids want to move to Pacifica from surrounding area’s and pay 1.4 million for a home? The schools here are ok (high schools are horrible), restaurants mediocore except for a handful and a segment of the locals don’t give a sh#t about taking care of their homes or anything else in Pacifica. And relative to other parts of the peninsula, the weather is worse (save for Daly City).

    The developers will be lucky to sell them at far below 1.4 million.

  8. admin says:


    Two possibilities: new and ocean view – although not all the houses have an ocean view.

    There are several places in town where the prices have reached/surpassed the 1.4 mark; Pedro Point, Rockaway and Vallemar. Those neighborhoods are established as being able to hold their value. What Connemara can do remains to be seen.

    The developers couldn’t have picked a more unfortunate time.

    Really great to have your input.

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