Feng Shui In San Mateo

What is Feng Shui and why is it important to a house in San Mateo?

Linda Lenore describes it as an ancient Asian philosophy/science/art that looks at the relationship and placement of the landscape (mountains, streams, trees, and rocks) buildings, floor plans, furniture and accessories and how they affect the human psyche.

Linda is a leading international authority on feng shui and is one of the few non-Asian Certified feng shui masters in the United States.

She combines a blend of common sense, intuition and feng shui to create “subtle shifts in your living environment and work spaces to open the way for profound changes in your life out in the world.”

Whether you believe feng shiu can help balance your life and home environment or you think there’s nothing to it, there are practical, easy and creative solutions found within its system to help improve your surroundings.

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