Home Buying In San Mateo – How Much Can You Afford?

<p>Sharp Park Beach, Pacifica, CA</p>

Sharp Park Beach, Pacifica, CA

There are thousands of articles about home buying.  Google says there are 56,800,000.  Now that’s a lot of people telling you how to buy a house.  Problem is most of them are authors, not realtors; and if they are, they’re not in San Mateo.

Real estate’s local – whether it’s housing statistics or how-to.

HUD – The Department of Urban Housing Develpment – has tips.  They’ve got home buying down to 9 steps.  Wow.  Sounds simple.

1. Figure out how much you can afford.  Good advice.  Those handy web calculators aren’t enough.  They don’t know if you qualify for the new first time buyer program, whether an FHA loan will work, if you need a jumbo or a conforming loan.

You need a human – a local human.  Not one that you found on Google out of Texas.  Nothing against Texans.  But let’s say it all together now, “real estate is local.”

Get face time.  What are all those papers?  What do those disclosures mean?  What about all those numbers?  What’s a Good Faith Estimate?  What’s an ARM?  What is a jumbo?  What’s the difference between that and conforming?

So how do you find this all-knowing number cruncher?  Get a referral – a referral from your real estate agent.   We’ve tried this guy out already.  Know if he return calls.  Know if he can explain something in non-tech speak.  Know whether or not he shows up for appointments on time.  Because otherwise – just like The Donald says: You’re fired!

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