How You Find A Deal On A San Mateo House

Find a deal on a house in San Mateo by knowing the market:  looking at houses, comparing them and then finding out what they ended up selling for.

This house is actually a deal – even though the whole place is a disaster.  Even worse than what you see in that picture.  The only good thing about it is that it doesn’t smell.  I think the only reason it doesn’t smell is that a lot of the walls are bolted on plywood.

It’s not even sold yet and I know it’s a deal because this one is priced $240,000 less than the next least expensive house in the neighborhood  and it’s not going to cost $240,000 to make it look like the one that’s selling for $998,000.  I’m not the only one that knows it’s a deal; there are five offers.

The news says it’s a terrible market, you can’t get a loan, joblessness is ridiculous, the sky is falling.  But there are five people who want to buy a house without a kitchen.  It needs everything.  I mean everything from a roof to new floors.

Bottom line in this market as in any other:  If it’s priced right, it’ll sell.

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