Moving to San Mateo?

Moving to San Mateo

So you’re moving to San Mateo.  You know you’re going to need boxes, scissors and tape.  But what about tips to make it easier?  So I looked around and came up with a few.

My favorite tip is from my friend Kacy.  They’ve moved from one coast to the other and back again.

Set up the bedroom first!  Put a box together with sheets, pillows and cases, blankets, the alarm clock.  If you’re driving to the new house it’s easier to keep track of that box.  If everything’s going into a moving van label that box so it sticks out like a red balloon.  Then when you get there put the sheets on so when you’re totally exhausted you can crawl into a nice clean bed without walking in the bedroom and saying “OMG.  I have to make the bed!”

Movers Edge suggests an “open me first box” for each room.  For the kitchen include napkins, plastic utensils, plates and cups, pet food and bowls.

Use colored markers to mark boxes:  Yellow boxes go in the kitchen.  Blue is for the living room.  That way you don’t have to stand there telling the movers what to do.  You can go make the bed.

Pack a suitcase – one for everybody:  Toothbrush, medications, glasses, that stuffed animal you can’t sleep without.

After I moved once I couldn’t find the screws to put the table back together.  So next time I put all the screws in a zip-lock bag and taped them to the bottom of the table.

A moving tool box might be a good idea.  Put all the stuff you used to pack into a box so when you get there you’ll have the picture hangers and the hammer in one place.

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