San Mateo Home Buyer Asks: How Can I Get A Deal?

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Is A Short Sale The Way To Get A Deal?

This year is being called the year of the short sale. But is it a way for home buyers to get a deal? If you have a lot of patience it could be; however, multiple offers might be in your future.

What About An REO? Is That The Way To Get A Deal On A Home?

Real Estate Owned properties involve a much more streamlined process than short sales. But there are a lot of buyers out there who know that. Everybody wants a deal.

So What’s The Answer? How Can You Get A Deal?

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow could be a house that’s been on the market a long time. Why? It has lost the interest and excitement that houses get when they first go on the market.

There’s not always something wrong with the house. Often the house was priced too high to begin with; which can be deadly to a sale. The price is being reduced, reduced but nothing’s happening.

Maybe there was an uncooperative tenant that wouldn’t allow the house to be shown.

Whatever the reason, the house is sitting there with a frustrated seller and a frustrated agent. That’s where you come in. Take another look at that house. Don’t ask: What’s wrong with it? Ask: Is that the house for me?

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