Searching San Mateo Houses In The MLS

Is it snowing in San Mateo?

I don’t know about you, but San Mateo has been freezing; that is for a Pacifica native.  First thing I do when I get home is turn on the electric blanket, then the heater.  Remember when you came home from school and had to put your play clothes on?  Well not anymore.  I put a sweatshirt over whatever I’m wearing until the place warms up.  Yesterday after I got home from the gym I got under the electric blanket, sweaty sweats and all, including the giant scarf I was wearing.

So to the point:  What’s a deal breaker in a house?  What does it have to have to make you buy it?

Meeting With Home Buyers

One of the questions I ask home buyers is: What can’t you live without?
Fireplace? Hardwood floors? Garage?
Well, I can search all those things in the multiple listing service. So after spending the past few weeks freezing I decided to see what San Mateo has to offer.

Of the 96 houses currently for sale in San Mateo, 86 of them have fireplaces. Just six of those are gas only.

There are about 18 options to search when it comes to heating. My first choice is central forced air. I want that heat pumping out through those vents pronto! There are 65 of those available.

Insulation is a little more complicated to determine – and as a seller or agent you don’t want to be wrong. But there are only 8 houses that have both the walls and the ceilings insulated.

What’s a deal breaker for you when buying a home?

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