Why Is That San Mateo Short Sale Taking So Long?

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What’s a Short Sale?

A San Mateo Short Sale house doesn’t refer to how long it takes for the house to sell. The name is misleading.  Any unfortunate buyer or seller involved in one can tell you that.

Short Sale refers to the fact that the bank is going to be short money. The house is going to sell for less than the bank is owed.

Why Do Short Sales Take So Long?

It’s pretty typical to see a short sale house on the market for a long time – and I mean a long time.  Some Daly City houses have been on the market for over a year.

But why do Short Sales take so long? Well, it’s a long story – just kidding.  :) They take a long time because there are a lot of people involved – a lot more than a regular home sale. There are processes and procedures that have to be followed. And they’re not simple.

Just like any home sale there’s a seller.  This seller happens to be the investor who gave the loan.  And like any seller would be they’re not happy about the situation.

Want A Deal On A San Mateo Short Sale?

So does everybody else. Inventory has dropped steadily and multiple offers abound.  Still want to buy or sell a short sale?  Make sure you hire an agent who knows what they’re doing and be sure to get a bottle of Pepto Bismol.

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