Why Not to Represent Yourself

The name has been changed to protect the stupid.

So…this well respected, knowledgeable agent, Kathy, has a house to sell.  A friend of a friend comes by to see it.  Kathy shows f-of-f around; here’s the kitchen, the laundry, blah blah blah.

F-of-f says, “You want X, right?”  Kathy says, “Well, yeah.  What do you think?”  (Stupid #1)

F-of-f says, “Do you have anyone else interested in the place?” 

What does Kathy say?  Kathy says, “Well, yeah, but they’re not really qualified.”  (Stupid #2 – Losing more negotiating power.)

F-of-f says, “How long has it been vacant?”  Kathy says, “Oh, too long.”  (Stupid #3)

Okay, you get the idea.  Even professionals can’t do it for themselves.  Get someone who doesn’t have their whole emotional ball of wax tied up in the sale.

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