Last week, I called a seller to preview their property – take a look prior to my client to determine if it met their needs.  I leave a message, as I usually do, “If this time is inconvenient for you, please call me back; otherwise, I’ll be by about 1 pm.”  Okay, no response for over 24 hours; I’m good to go.

I knock.  Nothing.  While I’m accessing the key in the lock box, I ring the bell.  Nothing.  But there’s a car in the driveway, hmmm.  I open the door a crack, “Hello?”  Out he comes in his shorts and lopsided hair.  “Ooops!  Sorry.  Should I come back another time?”  “No.  No.  It’s fine come on in.”  “Oh, ahh, okay.”

I breeze through there like my butt’s on fire.  I hop in the car and give a call to my clients that the house is probably not what they’re looking for.  They ask, “What’s the neighborhood like?  Is it right up against El Camino?”  After a few minutes’ conversation, I realize that the guy got me so flustered, I don’t know what I saw.  All I can remember is the seller in his shorts and lopsided hair. 

These are all great questions though.  And here’s some more:  What’s it like at night?  Lots of noise?  Dogs barking?  Traffic?  What type and how many cars are on the street?  What do the other houses look like?  Appliances in the yard?  Nicely landscaped?  Drive by — in fact, don’t just drive by.  Park.  Roll the windows down.  I once got a call from a listing agent saying, “Your buyers are constantly parked out in front of the house.  Could you ask them to stop doing that?”  “No way!”  You’re about to make a bazillion-dollar investment.  Know what you’re buying.

Still need more?  Talk to the neighbors.  How long have they lived there?  Do they like it?  Any rotten neighbors?  Neighborhood parties?  Budding bands?  Call the police department; ask them to report on the neighborhood.

I have clients who have finally stopped reminding me that I didn’t disclose to them that Linda Mar is like Armageddon on the 4th of July.  It’s the only town on the Peninsula where fireworks are legal.  The police are running around like keystone cops.  The air is nothing but sulfur.  The sky lit up like Times Square.  It’s awesome!

Anyway, find out all of it before you move ahead.

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  1. Some people want an active community while others would be mortified if Susie came over with cookies wanting to play bunko, so driving the neighborhood repeatedly is a good idea to see if the level of activity is prime for specific tastes!

    Great tips, Vicki- keep ‘em comin’! :)

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