For Lani, with love

The real estate blogging community, although large in number, is small in kinship.  Since I started blogging just a few months ago, their arms have opened wide to welcome me to step into the group.  I’ve made friendships with many people whose opinions have become most valuable and appreciated by me, their humor a wonderful addition to a profession which can sometimes feel isolating.  It’s been a joy to communicate with professionals from all over the country, learning about their markets, their marketing, their experiences, and about them as fellow human beings. 

It’s truly a gift when a peer has a kind comment about a blog I’ve written; and I certainly enjoy spreading the love by linking to others and by giving them a well-deserved thumbs up.  That sharing has created what I didn’t expect about blogging and that’s the closeness to those that would otherwise be strangers. 

Lani and I have had big laughs in the middle of the night via email when we each should have been sleeping; talking about a blog, a photo, or something silly that’s happened to us or a colleague.  She is truly a kind-hearted person that I’m so glad I’ve connected with.  Someone I wouldn’t have otherwise met, except for the big blogging world being so small.

Lani’s family had tragedy touch them yesterday with the death of her young brother.

Every time I get paid, I donate to a cause that touches me.  It’s a way of passing on some of the good fortune I’ve received and to say thank you to the universe for the blessed life I have been given.

If you’re feeling generous and blessed, I hope you’ll share some of your good fortune with Lani’s family during this most difficult time.  In the name of Aaron Anglin. 

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  1. April Groves says:


    Thank you…your support is appreciated.

  2. Lani Anglin says:

    Vicki- from the bottom of my heart- thank you. You are a true friend.


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