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train.jpgI haven’t looked at my feedreader in so long, I had no idea that Steve was missing

When you ask how’s the market, you have to realize the answer is subjective.  Generally, different agents in different areas are seeing – you guessed it – different markets.  Even most recently, there are varying degrees of disastrous markets.  Some areas have been completely devastated; some not so much. 

How’s the market depends on how the market really is and how the agent you’re asking is feeling about the success of their particular business.  Recently most everyone has been struck by the lack of sales; however, there are a few who will say fantastic if you ask them how the market’s doing; because in their business, the market is fantastic. 

One thing Steve and I – and possibly many others – are noticing is that the market is changing.  Is it due to the change of the season?  The first selling season of the year begins shortly after Super Bowl – that’s our unofficial-official demarcation of the biggest selling season of the year.  Is it because interest rates are incredibly low and rising a bit?  Is it in anticipation of the increase of the conforming loan limit?  Is it because people are just tired of worrying?  Is it because people who need to move are doing so?  Stop already!  I don’t know why.  It could be all of those reasons and some I didn’t think of.

Bottom line:  If you’ve been waiting around for the bottom of the market, you’d better check with your Realtor.  If I’m your Realtor, I’m telling you the bottom of the market was hit on February 13th, 2008 when the president signed the stimulus package into law.  It may be the first time in history we’ll be able to predict, in advance, the bottom of a market.  In the past we’ve always looked back at statistics and said, Yep, that was the bottom.  The ascent has begun.  Believe it or not – it’s up to you – multiple offers are back. 

Get on the train ’cuz it’s leaving the station.

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