Is Bad Staging Better Than No Staging?

Seven Seconds

It takes seconds for a buyer to make a decision about your house.  Bad food smells.  Pet smells.  Cigarette smoke.  They’ll make anyone run, especially someone who’s sensitive.

Look At The House

We de-clutter, paint, clean, and remove family photos so prospective buyers evaluate the house and not your hairdo from 1972.


Over-staging can be just as bad as bad staging. I viewed a property that had real food including an open jar of jam, on the kitchen table.  Ewww.  Over-staging.

What’s Bad Staging?

Yesterday Cindy and I went out to look at open houses. As a home stager, she’s looking for trends. I’m looking at inventory.

She’s critiquing the staging.  I’m looking at the counter tops, carpet, finishes…This is a $1.2 million house.  Is it priced right?

And then there’s Ben the baby doll that scared the crap out of us when we were going through the house.  You don’t expect to see little arms sticking out of a crib as you’re breezing through the bedroom.

Moral of the Story

Bad staging isn’t better than no staging. Get a professional. Call Cindy.

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