It Happens

You know what “it” is.  It happens.  I seem to be the one that all the funny “it” happens to.  Of course, as soon as something happens, I run around the office to tell everyone so we can all laugh about it. 

The most recent thing is locking my keys in the car — not when I’m driving around the hundreds of miles I drive alone — but when I’m showing property.  And not just to any ol’ client but a referred client — a client I may actually sell a house to — which I’ve done since that lovely day.  

Or how about the time my Exploder overheated.  Boy, that was a funny one.  Good thing the client was in her own car and could drive us both to the next house.

Another story I love to tell is the one where the husband showed up drunk at the open house.  Oh boy, was that a knee slapper.  He told potential buyers that he wouldn’t sell his f-g house to any of them f-ers.  That was a good one.  Then he came into the house and blasted the stereo and let the dog pee on the newspaper that was in the kitchen before I could get him back outside again.

Or the time the neighbor’s muddy dog came sliding through the front door, ran around on the freshly cleaned white carpet, jumped on the couch and ran back outside.

I’ve only had to call the police once; a neighbor was beating his kid.  Although I should have called the police the time a drunk guy came into an open house and wanted to chat about the market.

Oh by the way, I’ve got a listing that needs to be held open.  Anybody interested? 

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  1. Bob Carney says:

    You’re killing me!!!

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