It’s Ugly

Nobody wants to talk about it.  Every time I send a reminder to my new clients, I get that icky feeling in my stomach.  Who wants to receive a reminder about that?

Trusts.  Ewww. 

Recently I received a voice mail message from a close friend who began as a client.  I could hear instantly in her voice that something was wrong.  Her voice was strong but begining to crack.  Her mother had passed that morning, as unexpected as you can imagine.  She was taking too long in the shower.  When her son went to see why, she was already gone. 

Now she has to assemble the endless documents of her mother’s life.  She wants to stay in bed with the covers over her head, but she has to plan a funeral.  “We don’t know if my mom wanted to be buried or cremated.  Can you believe I have to figure this out?  My mom is gone.”  She must read the trust, open and close bank accounts.  List assets.  Inventory belongings.  Talk to attorneys.  File taxes.  Look after the welfare of her grown but still younger brother.   On and on it goes.

Moral of the story:  Get a trust.  There’s enough your family will have to deal with when you’re gone.  Make it a little easier by leaving instructions.  Don’t know who to call?  Call me, I’ll send you in the right direction.

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  1. Ruth Stroup says:

    Thanks for this helpful information. As someone who is executor for a family estate, I know first hand that settle family finanical affairs is hard work at any time, and especially difficult when we are also grieving.

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