Lesson 2

Lessons I’ve learned in real estate:

2.  When doing an open at a vacant house, bring toilet paper.

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  1. Lani says:

    I have to share this week’s relevant funny with you:

    Owner of vacant home turns off water two days before closing. Day before closing comes in from out of town to do a simple tile repair, feels moved to use the restroom. No TP, no water….

    We go to put Welcome Home gift in house an hour before closing and I have to close the toilet lid because there was a waterless present in the bowl with a ripped up color flyer of the home used as TP. Amazing how inventive people get.

  2. Bob Carney says:

    LMAO…You see things I have learned in real estate (through the school of hard knocks). Carry a box of goodies in the trunk…Hand Cleaner, bug spray (and Killer) TP and a flashlight.

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