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I’m new to the blogo world.  When Incredible Agent told me, “You need a new website.  The internet is moving in a new direction.  You have to keep up.”  My first thought was:  Do I get a blog??  I have an opinion about everything – who doesn’t.  A blog gives me a chance to spout my stuff to the world.  I wasn’t concerned whether or not anyone was going to read it.  I just wanted to spout, spout, spout.

Then I got a comment.  Not just a comment, but one from Agents Scoreboard.  Very cool.  Of course Damon had to tell me this was a woo-hoo moment. 

Last night on a typical work-alcoholic’s Saturday night, I’m sitting on the couch watching TV and surfing the web.  Since blogs are a new attention getter for me, I’m checking out other blogs. 

This morning, I’m walking my dog, talking on the phone to Lisa about real estate – what else – and I look at my Blackberry email and another woo-hoo moment:  THE Real Estate Guy  has linked to my site.  I’m super excited. 

I’m supposed to be taking a shower getting ready to – you guessed it – go to work, but I can’t.  More comments, more excitement, yippee.  A new way to get jazzed about real estate. 

It’s tough times in the real estate biz right now.   Blogging is my replacement for accolades and appreciation from clients, because at least for the moment, they’re a thing of the past.  More on that another time.

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  1. setup a google alert on your name and name of your blog, you can keep track of your “Woo Hoo” moments!!

    You being excited… is exciting for me… its what I love about my job!

  2. Jay Thompson says:

    Welcome to the blogiverse!

    Your excitement will carry over into your other blog posts as well as your interactions with the public/clients. All good things…

    You’ve got some great stuff here, keep it up!!

  3. Lani Anglin says:

    Your ability to summarize how you earn your commission, your writing skills and ability to entertain while informing will land you in the big leagues quickly! Welcome to the blogiverse (if you call it blogosphere, Jay will freak)! AND, welcome to my feed reader.

    P.S: a comment from Jeff Brown ( is like a comment from George Clooney (minus the hair and the Maybach Benz)… he’s a BIG dog, so WOO HOO for you! :)

  4. Joe Peffer says:

    Vicki, you have a good voice that shows your personality through your writing. Good luck on the blogging. May it bring you many happy clients who already know and like you from your posting.

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