RE/MAX Today Becomes Sotheby’s

Rumors have been going around the San Mateo County real estate community for several weeks that RE/MAX Today in San Carlos was going to leave the franchise.  We didn’t know what office they would become; perhaps a non-franchised office.

Today it was announced that they moved to the Sotheby’s corporation of real estate and auctions.  How this will affect the area is only speculation at this point, of course.  One thing is sure: a significant number of RE/MAX signs will come down for the unfamiliar Today Sotheby’s signs.

RE/MAX Today agents are going through the arduous task of changing marketing pieces; everything from advertising, signs, business cards to websites and blogs.  Having recently switched offices in May, I have a clear memory of what a pain in the tookie it is to make that switch.

A RE/MAX International rep came into our office this morning to calm worries and remind us of how great it is to work for the company. After having been at several different offices myself, I already knew that.

Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX!

Outstanding Agents.  Outstanding Results.

Rah Rah RE/MAX.  Okay, I’m now stepping down from my soap box.


  1. Spell Check says:

    Um….when you get down from your soap may want to spell check your title. Kudos to Today Sotheby’s for staying ahead of the curve in an area that was in desperate need of a higher end brokerage given the price of homes around here.

  2. Vicki Moore says:

    Ooops. Was in such a hurry to get my two new listings on the market I forgot to fix that.

  3. Spell Check says:

    Also, just another heads up…on your Who’s Vicki page you still have Alain Pinel listed. According to your post you switched offices in May…..must be a busy year….

  4. Vicki Moore Vicki Moore says:

    Thanks. Have been busy. Selling houses is the priority. And although I love my blog, I put the focus on serving clients.

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