San Mateo Area Realtors Target of Scammers

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If Your Realtor Is The Target So Are You

Scam artists are hitting San Mateo area open houses. You know the saying: If it sounds too good to be true…well, how about if it sounds too stupid?

A woman came into my open house today; immediately my alarm bells started going off. First off, the average consumer doesn’t hit me with a laser beam of eye contact and conversation. Typically people mumble something like a hello as they slide by me trying to get away.

Not this lady. She introduced herself as an investor. Round two – ding. I apologize to honest investors but my experience has taught me that’s a line for the newbie.

“We’re looking for short sales. We want ones with multiple liens. Properties that are heavily leveraged.” Round three – ding. If the house is selling as a short sale it’s heavily leveraged and only an idiot would intentionally seek out ones with multiple liens.

“If the bank won’t pay you your full commission, we’ll take it out of our pockets. You work hard, right? Realtors work hard and deserve their full commission.” Round four – ding.

“And when we list the property for sale, we’re going to list with you. You wouldn’t mind if we listed with you, would you?” Ewww. I had to wipe the slime off at that point.

“We do the negotiating with the bank. The seller has to cooperate with that. You forfeit being the listing agent and we take over.” I’ll leave out the expletives and just say: Knock out!

I don’t know exactly what she and her “partner” are trying to get away with but I did come up with a short list while I was standing there. Bottom line is that some agent somewhere is going to fall for this crap and a consumer is going to get caught in the web.

I’ve said it before if you’re in the difficult position of having to short sale your house get someone who knows what they’re doing.

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