San Mateo’s Flood Control Assessment

For San Mateo to qualify to be in the National Flood Insurance Program they have to implement programs to reduce the chance of flooding.

South Bayfront Levee and Flood Control Assessment District
In order to pay for the shoring up the levees and free some 6,000 properties from paying flood insurance, property owners agreed to charge themselves annual fees.  The cost averages $76 per year for each property owner for 20 years.  That will raise about $550,000 a year to pay back $11 million in bonds.

Construction is expected – and needs to – start soon to beat the clock ticking on the new flood zone map.  The contract has been awarded and the money set aside.

Are They Sure It’ll Work?
To ensure that FEMA will cooperate and remove those 6,000 properties from the flood zone FEMA had to approve the design concept.

Don’t Cancel It Yet
You can’t cancel your flood insurance yet.  The work on the levee needs to be done first and then FEMA has to certify the project.

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