San Mateo’s Flood Zones

Bigger ‘n Badder
The new San Mateo flood zone map will expand the flood zone into areas south of 92, including the entire area east of Highway 101; Fiesta Gardens; portions of Laurie Meadows and San Mateo/Glendale Village neighborhoods; areas adjacent to Laurel Creek between Alameda de las Pulgas and El Camino; and the entire City of Foster City.

The Current Map
The existing map we’re working off of became effective October 2001.  Over 8,500 residential and commercial buildings are now in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA: Zone AE).  Those structures have at least a 1% chance of having a flood loss in any given year.

If your home is in that area and you have a loan on it, your bank will require you to have flood insurance.   If you own your property free and clear – which one-third of Americans do – you can’t be forced to have flood insurance.

Since the government federally backs home loans, banks are required by the government to determine whether or not you’re in a flood zone.

Initially the new map was set to be finalized in Spring of 2010.  Now it’s set for “late” 2011.

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