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Bad MLS Photos That Is

One of the hottest topics in real estate right now – outside of the market talk, of course – is the quality – or lack of it in the listing photos we agents provide to the public.  After looking at another picture of a bed, I have to throw in my two cents, since, as we’ve already established, I have an opinion about everything.

There are blogs all over the net.  We all chuckle about it.   I’ve even sent in a couple of contributions to make fun of.  (Do I need to tell you that I’m not responsible for those offending contributions?)

One of the biggest arguments I consistently hear from the public is why we agents make so much damn money.   I’ve answered that in the past, and I’m sure I’ll spout off about it again.   But when we upload pictures of the bed, the couch, the toilet (with the seat up, of course),  or they’re blurry, crooked, dark or just plain stupid, how do we look? We look just plain stupid.  What are we selling here?  We’re selling a feeling.  We’re selling a dream.  We’re selling the future – not furniture.

I’m not an inspector. I’m not a title rep. I’m not a painter. And I’m most certainly not a photographer. These photos aren’t for our local board of Realtors anymore.  The whole world sees these pictures. For some out of state buyers that’s all they’re going to see before they write an offer. The internet is an incredible opportunity to showcase the home to millions – and, of course, showcase yourself if you hire a good photographer. So don’t be a cheapskate – or hire one.

bad MLS photos

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  1. John G says:

    I am a commercial photographer. I photograph homes for several different virtual tour companies and marketing companies in the bay area. I shoot primarily on the peninsula, perhaps we will come across one another some day.

    My comment: It surprises me how many agents place no value on quality photos of a home, and home owners place little value on a staged home. Recently I was called to re-shoot a home in Burlingame that I had just photographed 4 weeks ago. Beautiful home, but it was empty. No offers on the house prompted the owners to agree to staging.

    The house was re-shot after staging and the difference is remarkable. After the photos were posted the comment was made to me that I really didn’t need to come back to re-shoot the photos. Anyone could have taken those photos and made that house looks good.

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