This blog is as much for me as it is for anyone who reads it.  I could write topics that you could find anywhere, but I would lose interest and find something else to do.  Last night while surfing, I found a site that suggests blog topics.  There are some great ideas there, but there are also some booorrring ones too; like how to prepare your house for sale – boooorrring. 

That got me to thinking about Top 10 lists.  They work really well for David Letterman.  So I decided that formula should work well for me too.
Without further ado…Top 10 Things Not To Do When Selling Your House

10. Smoke in the house.

9.   Dirty cat box.

8.   Dog poo in the yard.

7.   No lockbox.

6.   24 hour notice to show.

5.   No sign in the yard.

4.   Cook smelly food.

3.   Stay home during showings.

2.   Talk to the buyer.

And…the number 1 thing not to do when selling your house…try to sell it yourself.

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  1. Vicki Moore Vicki says:

    13. Out of area agent.
    14. FSBO
    15. …

    Maybe I should make it a top 20 list.

  2. on your way to a top 100 list

    # 30 is a ringer!

    (don’t) answer the phone

  3. 18. unflushed toilet(s)
    19. invite your neighbors to pop in anytime a Realtor’s car rolls up.
    20. put up swastikas or blasphemous-anti-any-religious art.
    21. continue selling crack from the home while on the market.
    22. never take the trash out.

    I could go on all dang day!

  4. Vicki Moore Vicki says:

    Let’s make it 100!

    23. Don’t make the beds.
    24. Naked “art.”
    25. Don’t disclose that obvious item.
    26. Broken windows.
    27. Dirty anything.

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