Junk or Treasure?

Selling a house in enough and being an executor or executrix has a steep learning curve.  The last thing you may want to deal with are the belongings left behind.  It’s tempting to get a dumpster and toss it all.

I’ve been in plenty of houses where the family members have no idea what they’re looking at but are stuffing a green garbage bag for Goodwill to pick up; it’s just too overwhelming.

Before you throw all that dusty stuff away have someone take a look.  Although the major value is probably in the house there could be an Antiques Roadshow star hiding there.

Let an expert take over for you.  Craig Janakos of Janakos and Company’s Burlingame Antiques was introduced to the world of antiques as a child by his father.  He’s a Wikipedia of antiques.  Plus he’s a great guy.

Craig will evaluate it all and give advice about what to do next.  After seeing some very beautiful and valuable things headed for the landfill, believe me it’s worth a phone call.

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