Now That’s Appealing


You’re not going to sell it if you can’t get them in the front door.  What to do with them once they get inside is another post. 

Buyers buy on emotion.  If they pull up to the front of the house, the yard is not manicured, there are broken down cars in the driveway, or old wet newspapers piled at the front door, they’re going to keep right on driving. 

This Redwood City fix-up was quick, pretty inexpensive and completely worth it.

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  1. Yep – it’s like going to a party to find your new love. You had better be pretty on the outside for that first impression and brilliant on the inside for the buy in.

    Cheezy but so basic. Makes you wonder why some sellers just don’t get it. .>)

  2. Vicki Moore Vicki Moore says:

    Hey Larry! Good to hear from you. Pictures tell a story, don’t they? A thousand words and all that.

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