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When you’re having an open house or buyers are coming to see your house you have to leave. There’s no nice way to say it. There are a lot of difficult conversations in real estate and this can be one of them.

Home buyers’ vision

Buyers want to imagine themselves in what could soon be their house. They want to see where there TV will fit – one of the most heated conversations they’ll have about any house, believe it or not. They want to see if everyone will fit around the Thanksgiving table when they show off the house to their family.

Give them space

They can’t do that if you’re breathing down their necks about how hard you worked to get the perfect paint color or how little Johnny took a spill and knocked out a tooth in the backyard. Home buyers want to create their own memories.

Open Open Open

They want to open the closet doors, kitchen drawers and spend time staring. They’re not going to do it with you there.

You can’t help it. You’re trying to be nice. You’re trying to be friendly. You just told the buyers the whole story about the divorce, the money, the kids, the new job in Omaha. You’re toast. You just gave away all your negotiating power.

As often as I’ve told sellers to keep it to themselves, they can’t help it. They always spill it – all of it – and leave me no room to negotiate. If the buyers know you’re totally desperate and scared, guess what? Here comes the low ball offer.

Do yourself a favor

Go to the movies. Get a hobby. Whatever you do get out of the house when its being shown.

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