The Results of Pricing Your San Mateo House Too High

Realtors’ Fear

This is what happens when you price your San Mateo house too high. Realtors biggest worry is: What do the sellers think their house will sell for? Then: How am I going to get them to be realistic?

No Matter What I Say

Sometimes no matter what I say, the seller wants to start with a high price and then lower it if the house doesn’t sell after a period of time. I don’t know if that’s what happened with this example.

I can tell you that’s the worst idea ever! The first week the house goes for sale is when it’ll get the most attention. If you blow it you’re sunk forever after trying to lower the price enough to interest those same people to come back. Except that now buyers think there’s something wrong with the house because it’s been on the market too long – whatever too long is.

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