Would You Walk The Dog?

As you can imagine I’ve gotten a few comments on this post.   Commissions is a tricky topic and can start some heated conversations.

A couple of friends said they charge 6 percent.  They’re worth it and should get it. We’re not supposed to talk specifics in real estate because it could be considered price fixing.  So yesterday when I wrote that post it was a big decision whether or not to hit publish.   I knew it would cause controversy but I also think it’s an interesting topic.

In the Commission Bashing post I was the one who was heated up.  And the other day it happened again when I was told that I was only in “it” for the commission.

Commission is how I get paid.  So yes I’m in “it” for the commission which instantly sparks:  What do you do for the money?

My answer is I do what it takes to get the house sold.  I’ve fed cats and walked dogs.  I’ve planted flowers and talked to clients in the middle of the night.  Some agents say, “I’d never do that!”  Okay, well I would and I do.

Do I think my services are worth 6 percent?  Sure.  I also believe I should have been born a princess instead of a serf.  And sometimes I won’t do the project for less.  It depends.

I’ve seen what happens when home sellers use agents who charge substandard commission rates; they get substandard service.  (I’ll probably get in trouble for that.)  But you get what you pay for.

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