The Genius Does It Again

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I spent this past week hob-knobbing and rubbing elbows with internet brilliance – the smart of the smart in the world of real estate technology.  I listened and learned and I’ll be implementing many of the techniques as quickly as possible.  I’ve got a list and have already started working on it.

My connection to Agent Genius - which has been one of the most incredible rides of my life btw – came to life as I actually got face-to-face with folks I admire and respect from all over the US and one crazy guy from Canada

When you’re operating multi-author blog like Benn and Lani Rosales it’s not for the money – believe me – because there isn’t any.  They often get lambasted and criticized.  They devote an incredible number of hours missing sleep and time with friends and family.  I equate running AG with running a nursery school – I’ve called whining and crying a couple of times.  They’ve got the personalities, egos and complaints of 27 writers to manage. 

Well, this past week they were acknowledged – in a big way.  They won a most prestigious award given by their peers – The Inman Innovator Award.  

Congrats Guys.  I’m honored to be in the class.

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  1. Jay Thompson says:

    Blog writers have egos and complaints? ;)

    I suspect many don’t realize what it takes to pull off something like AG, and Benn and Lani are indeed to be commended. AG rocks!

    And it was a *pleasure* meeting you Ms. Moore!

  2. @laniar says:

    Oh Vicki, it was sooooo wonderful to see your bright face after spending almost every day in the last 6 months on the phone!! :) AG is extremely rewarding and we never would have done this if we didn’t love it. We are lucky to talk to agents around the country that make all of our practices better, including you!! Thenaks for bringing your expertise to the AG group, we are very very aware of how lucky we are!

  3. Crazy guy eh!

    It’s what happens when you live in paradise. Mountain air and sea breezes I suspect have something to do with it.

    A big pat on the back to the leaders of the band and the players. Ya’ll make good music.

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