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I’m sick of Trulia.  I’m usually interested in what my peers have to say, how they answer a question or handle a sticky situation.  We’ve had some great debates, which I also enjoy, even though I’ve been criticized for participating.

Recently the questions are questionable.

“Should I sell my house?”  Well, how in the h*** am I supposed to answer that?  I spend hours with clients before a conclusion is reached – and not by me.

“What is the current interest rate?”  For who?  Under what circumstances?  Based on what factors?

“How does my agent submit my house to Trulia?”  Get an agent who knows the answer or one who knows enough to ask the question.

“How do I advertise a house for sale?”  Get a Realtor.

“Can the seller keep our deposit because we’re three days late?”  What does your contract say?  What does your Realtor say?  Are you represented by a Realtor?  Am I creating a fiduciary relationship?  Am I going to get sued for interfering in a contract now that my answer is in writing on a website the whole world can see?

“What is the market doing in such and such zip code?”  Get a Realtor.

“What is the market value of my property?”  Get a Realtor.

See the pattern?  These are the same people who say that Realtors are no-good, money hungry dogs.  And what are we doing?  We’re getting on there and giving away every bit of information we have.

I take pride in my knowledge of the market and marketing, of staging, of pricing a property to sell, of being able to get onto county records and hunt down an owner, of knowing what to say when a buyer asks “How much will they take?”, of how to write a tight contract, of how to negotiate that contract, of how to get the most money or the best deal, among a million other things that have cost me a fortune in time and money to learn.

So I stand on my soap box and say: Want the straight scoop?  Go find a Realtor!

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  1. shailesh says:


    This is a very good post. The questions I see on Trulia also amaze me. It’s like the folks who call me up and ask me the mortgage rate or the big one these days is “should I buy”? Interesting eh?

  2. Jay Thompson says:

    Equally annoying to me are the Realtors who answer market specific questions that they have no business answering. How pray tell can an agent from Louisiana answer a question about market conditions in Gilbert, AZ?? I suspect they couldn’t even find Gilbert, AZ on the map…

  3. And then you have the out of area Realtors, who, after a local realtor has answered a question feel that they should jump in and ask if the questioner needs a referral to a good agent.

  4. If Trulia Voices ever went away, though, I’d need some real content instead of the mini-rants at the ridiculous answers coming primarily from out-of-mark agents.

    Also, everyone can save the “check with an agent” answers … you’re right, they should check with an agent. But if they’re on Trulia, they want the milk for free.

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