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Blogging leads to emails.  Emails lead to phone calls.  In talking to Lani  this morning, she gave me a heads-up on her posting of the US Recession Map

I’m not normally a copycat, but this one is worth cheating for – actually, this is the same moral debate we had last night with my friends’ nine-year-old daughter: Is cheating, stealing, lying acceptable if it’s necessary and to your personal benefit?  And what is necessary?  Sorry – ADD in action.

California is so special, they had to give us our own color.  Take a closer look, roll over California.  You’ll see what I’ve been saying all along:  WE HAVE MICRO-MARKETS! 

To listen to the news media, you would believe that the nation is going to hell in a hand basket.  Not so.  Thirty-plus states are in expansion. 

Quoting Barbara Hagenbaugh, “As in politics, all economics is local.”  So is real estate.  When you need to know what the real estate market is like in your neighborhood, look at your neighborhood.  Don’t rely on the national media, nationwide, statewide, countywide or even citywide statistics.  You’ve got to get down and dirty with the stats focused on your neighborhood or complex, property type, condition, amenities, current homes for sale and recently sold.   One more thing:  Get a local Realtor.

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  1. Vicki Moore Vicki Moore says:

    Absolutley. Just like the ugly house that has cars parked on the lawn is going to affect the value of the others on the block.

    It’s irritating that the national media can reinforce the belief that the whole nation’s real estate market is in decline.

    Thanks very much for your input, Julie!

  2. Good point. Real estate markets are micro, but even if they are micro, it doesn’t mean they are completly isolated. When one micro market (or neighborhood) is falling, it could take all sorrounding neghborhoods with. But it’s right, real estate investors should look for opportunities on the local markets and find those places, which are not influenced by surroundings so much. We are dealing in neighbourhoods in Toronto , there is pretty firm and stabile situation (but price falls are slowly occuring), however differencies between particular neghborhoods are often significant.

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