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Foster City is home to Gilead Sciences, one of the more well-known drug companies in the biotech world.  They discover, develop and manufacture drugs for AIDS and cancer.  And it  just can’t keep its name out of the news.  It’s one good thing after another.  Because it’s an integral part of the local economy, I’m going to give you the haps here.  And coming in the months and years, there’s going to be a lot to talk about. 

Biz Journal reports they plan to hire 1900 people over the next ten years and will construct up to seven new buildings to hold them.  What’s that mean?  JOBS! 

Gilead agrees to purchase 163,000-square-foot office building in Foster City, plus 30 acres of land designed to accommodate up to an additional 542,000 square feet of office space for $137.5 million. 

They really needed to do something about the physical structure of their offices.  They look like little mushrooms in a field.  Short, stout buildings detached from each other.  That configuration hasn’t made it the most efficient working environment.  And in addition, more jobs will help continue to keep Foster City and the Peninsula slightly immune (ooops, pun not intended) from some of the economic difficulties of the rest of the nation.

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