Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Live In Pacifica?

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Dee-Rob is one of the funniest bloggers I’ve ever read.  She has a way with words – they just crack me up.  M and Dee just bought a house in Pacifica.  Having grown up there, it’s hysterical to read her perspective on her new hometown.

“On Tuesday, it was my leaving the garage door wide open all damn day, because I forgot to press the little clicker button as I drove away. From up the street as I was coming home, I smacked myself on the forehead realizing about nine hours too late the error of my ways. Within seconds of pulling into the driveway, our new neighbor just the other side of the garage I had neglected came rushing up to introduce herself and let me know that her husband had been home a chunk of the day and kept an eye out.

I’m living in a neighborhood where our two, not inexpensive bikes, in plain view, unlocked, in a wide-open garage, stayed there all the damn day and into the dark of night unmolested. Who are these people?”

Need a laugh break?  Click over.  Warning:  R Rated. Language.

One of her readers wants to see Pacifica pictures.  Here’s some.

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