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Erin at work.

With an MS in Exercise Science and Health Promotion: Injury Prevention, and Performance Enhancement; 1700 hours in message therapy training; Certified Personal Trainer; Performance Enhancement Specialist; Corrective Exercise Specialist; and a BA in Psychology, Erin Brandt is an expert in the human body.

Come learn how to better take care of yours in this free lunch and learn seminar with Erin.  And receive a $50 gift certificate towards Erin’s services.
Friday, April 18th  12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
RE/MAX Dolphin Real Estate
1700 So El Camino Real
First Floor – Miller Ream Room
San Mateo
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Intro to Cubicle Fitness/Posture Analysis and Movement Analysis

What could be worse than a primarily sedentary leisure life and lots of carbs / sugar in our diets?  Sitting at a computer all day to work!  Yes, even if your office is ergonomically designed, shockingly enough, the human body was not designed to sit down most of the day. 

Sitting over-lengthens and squishes blood out of the largest muscles in your body, your gluteus maximus (your bottom).  It also shortens the front of your thighs and your hips, contributing to the uncomfortable over-arch in your low back.  Focusing on a computer, while not constantly aware of your posture, overuses the front of your neck and curls your shoulders forward, and stretches out the back of your neck, shoulders and upper back until they ache.  But you know all that already, right?

10 simple stretches and exercises should be done daily  to counteract the evil that is sitting, to energize you throughout your day, to stimulate blood flow to your body AND to your mind, and to allow you to be more productive AND creative.  THAT sounds better than sitting for 4 hours at a time, doesn’t it?

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