San Mateo Cops Get Creative


The San Mateo Police Department has gotten creative in its efforts to curb speeders.  With budget cuts and the price of gas, they’ve hired Officer David Coy.  He’s reporting for duty on a street near you. 

If you’re used to making California stops, Officer Coy may make you change your ways.  Just the presence of a black and white can encourage drivers to reconsider running that light or encroaching into a crosswalk with a pedestrian in it.  By the time you realize that Coy is a decoy – get it?! – it’ll be too late and you will have conformed to the code – making his shift worth while. 

The San Mateo Daily news will provide you with the details.  But if you think you’re ahead of Police Chief Manheimer, think again.  She’s no dummy.  She promises that they’ll be switching it up by arming Coy with a camera or a shift change with a real live officer.

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