San Mateo is Earthquake Country

Living In Earthquake Country

I just had a conversation with a San Mateo home buyer who doesn’t want to live near an earthquake fault. If you don’t want to ever risk being in an earthquake, you don’t want to live here.

The San Andreas Fault – the largest fault in North America – is in our backyard. In fact, I walk the adjacent trail every Thursday (above).

Friends from Florida think it’s crazy to live here; I think it’s crazier to live where there are hurricanes. No matter where you live you can’t hide from Mother Nature.

Earthquake Preparedness For San Mateo Residents

The City of San Mateo’s Community Emergency Response Team has a variety of downloadable literature and forms to help you get ready for the inevitable. There’s also a free class available.

If you don’t have a lot of time at least get the items on this list.

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