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Dog Parks

Seal Point Dog Park, San Mateo.  I read all the Yelp reviews.  I agree that it’s a barren desert land, but the dog doesn’t care and I can live with it while he runs around socializing.  On the upside it’s clean, there’s fresh water and bathrooms for me.  The big doggies play rough so it’s great that they have separate areas for the big and little pooches.  There were several reviews remarking on the excess poop people have left.  That hasn’t been a problem when I’ve been there, but ca’mon people! 

Foster City Dog Park has two play areas – one for big dogs, the other for the little guys.  But that last couple of times I’ve been there it smelled awful.  There’s clean water and lots of friendly pups though.

It seems that not a lot of people have heard of Heather Dog Park, San Carlos, but it’s absolutely one of my favorite places.  Your pooch can run off leash along trails through the trees and brush.  The views are gorgeous.  Keep in mind that the lower portion is not fenced.

Doggie Day Care

One of my clients uses Smilin Dogs for her baby.  She and Stuart absolutely love them!  They actually come to the house to pick him up.  Now, where can you get that kind of service?

K9 Social Club


Whether you want to do it yourself or have them bathe Sparky, Scrub A Pup is a great family-owned shop on 25th Avenue, San Mateo.

I love the K9 Social Club in San Mateo.  You can take your pup in for a full groom and pick up food, treats and toys too.  They’ve always been extremely patient and helpful.  When I took a friend’s puppy in for his first grooming, they spent all day working with him – in between walking and playing - so that his first experience with the groomer would be a good experience.

These are just a few of my favorite places and people.  There are many, many resources available.  If you’d like to share others, please do.

Got a dog, cat, guinea pig or parakeet with a great story or talent?  Share that too!

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