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What’s wrong with Zillow?

It’s a computer-generated system. I don’t know exactly how it works – actually, it doesn’t. I know one thing: It makes my job a lot more difficult.

How do I explain to a home seller – it’s the sellers who love Zestimates – why their house is not worth the $903,500 that Zillow says? It’s always a viscious fight-to-the-death arm wrestle.

BTW, a few weeks ago the Zestimate for the 502 Parkside, San Mateo house was $947,000. Both of these Zesimates were displayed after the house sold for $860,000.

Seller vs Agent

When the house first went up for sale, it was listed for $938,800. A few weeks later: 898,000. What was going on? The seller and his Realtor were negotiating over the price.

The number one thing you can’t do in this market – really, any market – is overprice.

The Real Home Value

When a buyer is writing an offer, one of the first questions they ask is: What do you think about the price? It has very little to do with what I think. It has to do with what the market statistics prove out to be. With this particular house, the comparable properties showed its value to be about 850 to 860. The buyers liked the house, wanted to buy it and agreed to pay 860k.

The sale price of a home is equal to how much the seller will sell for and how much the buyer will pay.

In this market, buyers are looking for a deal. Pricing is, as always, the number one consideration when selling your property. Pick the wrong number and no deal – maybe ever. In fact, you’ll probably get less than you would if you had priced it accurately in the first place. There are a lot of reasons for that, but that’s for another post. I want to make one more point about Zillow.

Zillow Professional Directory

They recently rolled out their new Professional Directory. It’s terrible – or Ztupid as Kris Berg so correctly coined.

The Professional Directory is just as accurate (cough) as their Zestimates. So how do they stay in operation? $87 million – that’s how. Give me $87 million – heck, give me 1 million.  I know what to do with it.

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  1. Great article. I’d love to have a hidden camera placed in a bank, and have a homeowner take a Zestimate into the bank to use as a value for which to base their refi. Just to see what happens. I’m glad more and more agents are stepping up and bunking the notion that Zillow should be an accurate source of real estate values. While they admit it on their FAQ, rarely do consumers actually understand that their estimates are for entertainment.

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