Monday Money Saver: Mommy

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I initially went searching for ways to save money on – well, I forgot what I started searching for, but grocery shopping and cooking were on my mind. I ended up at and decided instead of focusing on one thing, I’d just send you over to Kim’s site to take a look for yourself.  There are too many good things to just look at one.

The sidebar is full of great departments like Frugal Decorating Ideas which includes a post on how to decorate like Pottery Barn on a budget.  Good stuff.

Cooking, Groceries and Recipes – oh yeah, that was my original thought.  Under Grocery Shopping you’ll find Saving Time and Money Grocery Shopping, Be Smart With Your Cart, Save up to 50% On Your Grocery Bill – 50%?  Wow.


  1. Kim Danger says:

    Thanks for the mention! I do love PB stuff, but I hate spending those crazy prices. I’m so glad you enjoyed my tips!

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