In August when I had a breast cancer scare, I decided not to write about it because it was so personal.  But now…well, I guess I’ve changed my mind.  I decided I wanted to write about a conversation I had with a friend and for some reason the boob thing keeps popping in my mind.  I decided to stop spending so much time thinking about it and write it down so I can move on to the next idea.

Last night I went with some friends to see Paula Poundstone at Cobb’s in the City.  That might be irrelevant, but I feel a connection to her since at the moment I think I have OCD.

Anyway, I guess the boob and the story that I haven’t gotten to yet are connected because they both relate to what’s important to me in my life.  Not the boob – no, the boob’s not important.  I was going to get a “gone fishin” tattoo if they took it off.  Okay, now I’m showing my morbid sense of humor; but if you can’t laugh…Anyway, what’s important is the impact, the feeling, the bond, the connection I make with those who come into my life.

When I was going through the mammogram, the ultrasound, the mammogram, the ultrasound – I think you get the idea – my friends came to my side like the cavalry behind Custer.   We spoke about what’s important.  Those are the moments when you have no choice but to reflect on everything. 

As you can imagine, I was in quite a state.  I was trying to figure everything out which simply caused more anxiety.  How was I going to pay my bills?  The money.  The money.  The money.  Where was it going to come from?

She said, “You used to worry about your clients.  Now you just worry about the money.”  Kind of rough to hear at that moment.  But when you have a giant magnifying glass focused on your face, you see the pimples. 

We were driving home from – and here’s another connection – Paula Poundstone last night, my client/friend said, “What did you do before real estate?”  Another connection came sliding in:  I was a court reporter.  I hated it.  Did I make good money?  Absolutely.  Super money.  But I hated it. 

After numerous years going to school to become a court reporter – oh god, the hours spent – I started my career with high hopes.  Then I heard stories about rape, murder, car accidents, a hanging, starvation of an infant – should I go on?  Immediately, the money was no longer worth it.

So I say to that friend: no, it’s not about the money.  It wasn’t then and it isn’t now.

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  1. ines says:

    Wow! had no idea – opening up seems to be the best thing and the hardest thing to do. A good friend had a mastectomy today and I was so impressed at her attitude….science has come a long long way. Thanks for sharing, it takes a lot to do that.

  2. admin says:


    Unfortunately it’s too common. I go in for another ultrasound on Wednesday. I’m hoping for the best. But what else can I do?

    I’m not sure how smart it is to reveal so much, but…oh well. I make myself laugh and hopefully someone’s laughing with me – it’s usually Lani. :)

  3. ines says:

    I’ll have you on my mind – we girls have to stick together.

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