I’m as grumpy as a bumble bee at the window.  He can see the world out there.  He knows it’s there.  He flies up to the right corner.  Can’t get out.  Flies to the lower left corner.  Can’t get out.  He’s buzzing.  “Let me out.”   Then he repeatedly bumps against the window.  Buzz.  Bump.  Bump.  Buzz.  Buzz.  Buzz.

What’s my problem?  My email is down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t function without my email.  Staff says, “Oh, we’re working on it.  You’re the only one that’s down.”  Of course I am. 

So what am I going to do now?  Get on the phone and check in with potential home buyers?  Noooo.  I’m going to get on my blog and complain. 

I remember when I saw a fax machine for the first time.  WOW!  It was cool.  Let’s do that again. 

Digital cameras. WOW! Let’s do that again.                                                                  

Scanners.  WOW!  Let’s do that again.

Voice mail!  DVR!  Wii!  iPhone! 

I can live without all that stuff!  I WANT MY EMAIL! 

Well… I do love my DVR.  I can’t decide which is my favorite show: Boston Legal or Life.  I can scan a tree’s worth of papers and email them to someone.  That’s awesome.  I used to have to drive back and forth all day.  That Wii is really neat.  I played that over at a client’s housewarming party.  It’s hard to beat Pac Man though.  I haven’t got an iPhone but my Blackberry has certainly turned me into a Crackberry. 


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