Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I thought Daniel’s video was clever and cute.  It has caused an amazing storm of controversy in the real estate blogging community.  Holy cow.  I had no idea – I’m sure he didn’t either. 

Knowing Daniel only from his website and blogging posts, he seems like the most unlikely person to be a source of nastiness or a condescending attitude.  He and his video have been smashed, jabbed and punched; in my opinion undeservedly so. 

I don’t know what else to say, other than:  Lighten up. 

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  1. Brian Brady says:


    Can you be more precise when you say that Dan’s video was “smashed, jabbed and punched”? I saw one criticism and it was specifically directed at consumer perception.

    In no way was Dan attacked “as a person”. Unfortunately, the only ad hominem attacks I saw came from Agent Genius’ writers and the subsequent comments. That’s’ disappointing. I had so hoped AG could become a place for critical thought, however, there is no place for ad hominem attacks in the world of intellectual debate.

  2. Vicki Moore Vicki says:

    It’s my opinion. That is what I have gleaned from everything I’ve read. I believe mean-spirited scrutiny is unnecessary. I’m not pointing a finger anywhere. From my perspective, some of the exchanges have been extreme.

    No one is immune from participating in ad hominem attacks. They sometimes leak into heated debates. It’s unrealistic to not allow room for that when passions are expressed. We’ve all gone there at some point in time. People care enough to take a stand even if it makes others mad. My post relates to the uncomfortableness I personally feel around attacking and being attacked.

  3. Brian Brady says:

    “It’s my opinion. That is what I have gleaned from everything I’ve read.”

    What specific criticism gave you the opinion of “mean-spirited”? I’ve read two critiques of the video and found them to be very complimentary of the video producer and highly critical of the product. I’ve read no less than six “rants” about the critique: one is interspersed with expletives and another is laden with ad hominem attacks.

    I disagree with your opinion about ad hominem attacks. Intelligent debate is devoid of them.

  4. Lani Anglin says:

    Here you go Brian.

    “Regardless of what I say here or elsewhere, the incestuously cliquish part of the will insist that it is talking only to itself. Okayfine. [sic] I am talking only to the ninety-and-nine. If your objective in reading BloodhoundBlog is to build and improve your business, do not do as they do. Don’t treat people as leads, and, whatever you do, don’t treat them like idiots. Don’t insult them to score points with your buddies. If you find you’ve stepped in shit, admit it at once, clean up what you can and move on.” Greg Swann

    My reply on ag is matter fact, nothing more, nothing less- The tone in which I normally speak. But if you needed to know what inspired my article, one must do no more then either ask me, or actually read the post. I will defend Lani’s origional post which was to say – hey check this out, which turned into a DO NOT AS THEY DO (took to mean ag in this context) as if we do not know either what marketing is, and he even went on to say we’re ignorant to believe consumers do not read us – duh moment here… I simple let Greg know that we might know a little something about something. If you call standing up to make my own point known from my soapbox right back at Greg mean spirited, so be it. But I’ll be honest with you, I mean it in the same spirit Greg meant his. For him to take a preaching approach is not debate, nor is his saying that he is all knowing as if he is the appointed voice as sheperd was out of line. An honest evaluation of Daniel’s video would have gotten 0 rebuttal from anyone. Telling the world the video was bad for consumers with not one shred of constructive criticism is not spirited debate- oh, and telling everyone in a post that no one can touch their arguement lends nothing to debate either. I feel my reply to Greg was measured, and if you find hostility in that I can only say perception is a bitch- but rarely reality, and I’m sorry to have offended anyones senses, but Greg is not the leading voice in real estate- WE (all of us) are- the consumer.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Lani Anglin says:

    … last post from Benn from I guess Lani used my computer here to comment.

  6. Benn Rosales says:

    In case you missed what set off the firestorm over the video-

    Quoting Greg

    Not to rain on everyone’s parade, but Daniel Rothamel’s video is the polar opposite of good marketing. Given that it appeals to you, to Lani Anglin and to Jeff Brown on BHB, that should tell you precisely whom it will not appeal to. The video is pandering and condescending, insulting to consumers. I have huge respect for Daniel and his skills, but this is a good example of how the incestuousness of the leads people astray. There’s nothing wrong with being cordial, but if we’re so interested in courting each other that we can’t see when we’re sneering at our clients, we’re playing entirely the wrong game.

    That isn’t debate, that is judgement.

  7. Vicki Moore Vicki says:

    Comments are all over the web. I went from link to link for what seemed like hours. I reread people’s posts to clarify my understanding and insure that I got their point.

    Since Greg’s post is what initiated this storm and infuriated and insulted me personally, that’s where I’ll go to make my point.

    Greg’s writing style is intended to incite. I believe he purposefully creates a mean and nasty spirit throughout to foster controversy. That’s what sells. Even his use of language displays his sense of superiority.

    “As good as the big-name real estate weblogs can be at their best, there is an incestuous kind of cliquishness to them that can lead them — and you — into error.” My opinion is not an error. I don’t lead people down candy cane lane to please my peers. Rude.

    “On BloodhoundBlog, about half of the commenters are big-name real estate webloggers. On other blogs in the, virtually all of the comments come from other real estate webloggers.” Oh please. This is where the holier-than thou starts.

    “Just to make things worse, many of those weblogs deploy the MyBlogLog widget to show pictures of those visitors who are also MyBlogLog members.” Condescending. Get off your high horse. That’s a fun piece of technology.

    “From the comments and the visual record, you would think that most real estate weblogs are read only by other widely-known real estate webloggers.” Maybe if I didn’t think at all.

    “I’m not going to link to it…” Oh brother. Like you’re selling cigarettes to minors.

    “…is wrong, badly wrong, madly wrong, irredeemably wrong. And it stands for me as a textbook example of how the incestuous cliquishness of the can lead the whole enterprise into irredeemable error.” You bad, stupid children. Irredeemable? Please.

    “…the video is not funny…” “If you send the link off to people who don’t know Daniel, they will probably be willing to help you understand how unfunny it is.” It’s clever and cute.

    “Your reaction to it as a real estate insider means nothing — less than nothing.” Because you’re an idiot and can’t come to conclusions without my superior guidance.

    “…if you’re just an ordinary person…” “…it would be perceived as being deeply insulting by ordinary people.” Ouch. Ordinary?

    “…profound contempt for ordinary people…” Profound contempt? Gimme a break.

    “…playing it for laughs among the clique…” Not including me – I’m the superior god of blogging. I meant all of you beggers.

    “And what of all the other real estate webloggers who picked up that video and embedded it on their own sites? What message are they hoping to convey to the ordinary people who show up, read, absorb and never say a thing? In what way are those folks to regard themselves as having been informed, edified, improved? What conclusions might they draw about their host, when he posts a video that implies that ordinary home sellers are slavering idiots who must be led — like sheep — to their shearing?” That’s so irritating, I don’t know where to begin.

    “This is not a debatable proposition.” Because my opinion far outweighs yours, serf.

    “…the incestuously cliquish part of the will insist that it is talking only to itself.” Because you’re all so incredibly ignorant and don’t realize that the web is a public forum for all of humanity to read until the end of eternity.

    “…do not do as they do. Don’t treat people as leads, and, whatever you do, don’t treat them like idiots. Don’t insult them to score points with your buddies.” Listen to me. I am the all-knowing wise one. Those other hounds are mutts.

    Okay, so now you’re going to say that that doesn’t prove my point. Don’t care. I’m not going back over every post/comment I read to bring it together. If I thought I was going to have to defend my position, I would have done that along my path.

    I understand you disagree. I got that the first time. Humans are just that. Passions flare. Emotions get tested. Shit spills out.

  8. Brian Brady says:

    Greg is talking to none of us; he is talking to the would be RE bloggers that are appalled by the very bad behavior we exhibited.

    Look, I get it. AG has a vested interest in “defending one of it’s own” and I wish you all good luck in doing just that. You’re all a good bunch of eggs so I’ll offer you joyous holiday wishes and look forward to some intellectual discussion when this passes.

    Thanks for the candid answers, Vicki

  9. Vicki Moore Vicki says:

    “Greg is talking to none of us; he is talking to the would be RE bloggers that are appalled by the very bad behavior we exhibited.”

    Seems that BHB has vested interest in “defending one of it’s own.” :)

    I have to add that my opinion – which I don’t think is a defensive position on anyone’s behalf – has nothing to do with AG.  It’s my opinion, period.

  10. Bob Carney says:

    pssst…who’s AG?

  11. Vicki Moore Vicki says:


  12. Bob Carney says:

    ahhh…thank you.

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