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I must be channeling Stuart Smalley.  Last night on a speedy trip from San Francisco to San Mateo – if you were on Twitter you’d already heard about that – I had a thought.  Well, actually several but one that I didn’t want to forget so I could post about it.

I’m dang lucky. 

It started when I tweeted about having to get to San Mateo in 15-20 minutes in 5 o’clock traffic.  Larry tweeted back with, “Are those slippers holding you back? :>)”  Which was actually in reference to the day before when I talked about wearing my pink fuzzy slippers at work.

So what’s the point?  All right.  I’m gettin there. 

Point is that I met Larry via Agent Genius, an online real estate magazine.  That brief hello could have been the end of it but then we met in person at Inman Connect, a real estate conference in San Francisco.  And that could have been the end of it except for email and Twitter.

Pretty much every day Larry and I – and a whole lot of others – banter on Twitter about anything and everything.  The important point is that we’re staying connected like we never could have before. 

I would go to conventions of all sorts.  Meet a lot of super people.  Grab their card.  And then never talk to them again.  My world continues to get bigger with the benefit of new friendships via technology. 

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  1. Question remains did you make it on time with or without the slippers?

    BTW none of us banter – we converse :>)

    The real beauty of what you speak is that via the tech tools an enjoyable relationship develops that is affirmed when computer friend meets real person. That’s the neat stuff. Well, that’s what I think!

  2. Vicki Moore Vicki Moore says:

    I made it before anyone else. So you’re the only one who knows I was late. :)

    It’s totally neat. I love it!

  3. Linsey says:

    I can’t tell you how much I relate. I meet wonderful, interesting people at seminars but it’s impossible to stay connected in any real way….until Twitter. I’m amazed at the online relationships that build and ultimately turn into face-to-face relationships as well. I hope to connect with you at one of these events!

    Thanks for your visits and comments on my blog. Love yours and particularly like the layout. Really well done Vicki.

    The Stuart Smalley reference is hilarious.

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