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Larry and I met while serving on the now defunct Pacifica Beautification Committee.  We picked up trash, pulled weeds, and shoveled sand.  His sense of humor is infectious, sometimes inappropriate.  Laughing during what is supposed to be a serious meeting or making fun of himself, someone else or a recent event; either way he’s always funny.

The other day he called to tell me how upset he was over the death of a bird on the Bay Bridge.  “I love pelicans,” he said.  He had called the CHP to report that a pelican seemed to be delirious, he was walking in the lanes with his wings spread.  A huge truck went by spinning the bird across the lanes.  A few minutes later, he got a report from the radio of another truck driver that the bird was on the side of the road.  Again he tried calling the CHP; they couldn’t understand him on his cell phone.  The noise of his truck was too loud.  Later that night another call on the radio; the bird had been hit and killed.      

We all know the saying: He’ll give you the shirt off of his back.  I never knew anyone that that was really true about until I met Larry.  He called me to help him figure out how the woman who works at the deli could find a power of attorney so she could get her foreign passport updated.  He worked at the snack shack every Friday at the Terra Nova High School football games long after his son Scott had moved on to another school.  His neighbors regularly call to have him fix their fence, washing machine, dishwasher, or some other broken thing.          

One of Larry’s passions is his silk screening business, DeMartini Graphics.  He operates it out of his home printing thousands of pieces of clothing for local schools, volunteer organizations, sports teams and dance troupes. 

I hope you’re lucky enough to have a friend like Larry.

If your team or organization needs tshirts or sweatshirts with their pride on them, give me a shout and I’ll put you in touch with Larry.

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  1. Lani Anglin says:

    He sounds like a great guy, Vicki!

  2. Sharon says:

    Ahhh…Mr. DeMartini. Indeed a great friend to have.
    If I had one word to describe him it would be the Spicy!! Anytime he is around you “BAM” as Emril Lagasse says it’s pumped up a notch or two!


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