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 Whenever something funny happens, you know the first thing I do is run to tell everyone.  So…today was no different.  With the recent passing of my dog, I’ve been eager to pet sit so I can have my own dog again, even if it’s just for a couple of days.  As good luck would have it, I’m staying at a house on the beach.  The downside is that every morning when I go out to my car, I can’t see out the windows.  The salt air leaves a crusty layer of — well, salt.  So I cruise up Sharp Park Road to the Oil Changers and drive through their cheapy car wash. 

While the car is washing itself, I talk on the phone, read a magazine, put on my make-up, whatever.  Today I pull into the thing.  Typically, the stop sign lights and the alarm sounds a warning when I’ve reached the stopping point.  This time it keeps warning me and keeps warning me. So I start to reverse when General Patton comes around the corner and starts with his hand motions and authoritative voice.  “Back up.  Back up.”  Which I’m already doing.  “Now pull forward slowly.  Slowly.”  The whole time doing this two fingered come hither.  So fine; I tolerate it.  THEN as he walks away, he shakes his head.  OH NO.  Don’t ever do the dummy-head-shake at me.  OH NO. 

Meantime the car wash has started – yes, washing the car.  Do I let it go?  Chalk it up to him having a bad day?  Do I wait until it’s done, then go give him a piece of my mind?  Noooo.  Do I get out of the car and get wet?  Noooo.  I drive out of there taking the car wash with me.  Dragging that arm through the parking lot.

No, I didn’t.  But I wanted to.  But I did get out and tell him…well, I’ll leave it to your imagination.

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  1. Trinette Sigona says:

    OMG I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time! This stuff only happens to you..I swear!!!

  2. Vicki Moore Vicki Moore says:

    Heee. Heee.

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