More Bad News

The other day a client sent me an email with a bunch of bad news articles about real estate and asked my opinion.  Real estate is local; that’s my opinion.  When you’re reading or watching national news you get a general outlook of the nation – usually a bad one.  Bad news sells.  But that doesn’t tell you anything about what’s happening in the San Mateo housing market.

Neither will this but it’s just as easy to find bad news as it is – what I prefer – good news.

Nation’s Unemployment Picture Expected to Improve
The latest Employment Outlook Survey from
Manpower, Inc., which queried more than 18,000 employers, found that 14 percent anticipate an increase in staff levels in their Q1 2011 hiring plans, while 10 percent expect a decrease in payrolls, resulting in a net employment outlook of +4 percent.

Property Appreciation Expected in 40% of Major Metro Areas in 2011
According to a recent update to the real estate market forecast from
Veros Real Estate Solutions, select markets in the U.S. can expect a 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent appreciation on home values over the next 12 months.

Prediction: Mortgage Delinquencies Will Decline in 2011
The annual consumer credit forecast from U.S. credit bureau TransUnion predicts a 20 percent drop in national mortgage loan delinquencies by the end of 2011.

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